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"Power for Every Hour" (Power für den ganzen Tag) (Englisch)
Seven exercises for increasing your vital energy

Subject of the book:
Who is not in the need of it - vital power lasting "forever", day in day out, especially
nowadays where everybody has to appear young, dynamic and successful? And when we
aren't young anymore, we still long to be at least dynamic, and in any case successful.
Nobody can turn an old farm-horse into a race-horse. But the new PCE-training described in
this book can reactivate everybody that is burnt out by everyday routine, and it can make true
what many elixirs of life only promise: each person's inherent vital dynamo is recharged. There are
measuring instruments which succeed in documenting these miracles. Tests were taken on
persons of both sex, any age and from various social backgrounds. After mastering the
exercises all volunteers were amazed not only by the regained power they felt but also by its
measurability, evidentness and distinctness. The exercises are most simple. The author, G.H.
Eggetsberger discovered that the mere contraction of the PC-muscle located in the lower
pelvis, if performed in an upright position, at the right point and length of time, engenders a
rapid increase of our vital energy. The raising of sexual energy is a pleasant side effect.
Well! If you feel weak, desperate, unenthusiastic, bored: read and study this book. It may well
be that you get the surprise of your life because Gerhard Eggetsbergers's method restores
exhausted energy right away.

A novel training method for increasing vital energy
A new method for the controlled regeneration of the brain enables us to widen our
consciousness deliberately. PC-energy training (short PCE-training) enjoys great popularity
among top-ranking athletes, managers, artists and last but not least among those interested in
esoteric issues. This special training is based on stimulating energy through the
pubococcygeus-muscle (short the PC-muscle) located in the lower pelvis, and on expanding
this energy in the nervous system, mainly in the brain. By means of seven simple exercises we
provide our brain cells with more energy and activate the hypophysis gland. Many neglected
brain areas are invigorated by this new training program. It consists of six selected germanic
runic exercises which serve as the basis for the "Power-Exercise". They render the inherent
tissue and nerve cords conductive for the rising energy. The "Power-Exercise" activates our
proper "energy dynamo" which causes the vital energy ("Kundalini", "Chi",...) to rise straight
along the spinal cord. A meditation technique included in the book rounds off the PCEtraining.
The PCE-training can be practiced seperately, but it can easily be incorporated into
any other energy-increasing training program.

How to activate your "vital dynamo"
In Austria and Germany he is already fairly well known from TV and many magazines - the
biochemical engineer Gerhard H. Eggetsberger. He is director of the "Institute for Applied
Biocybernetics and Feedback-Research" in Vienna. One of the subjects of his work is the
body's capacity to regulate, to regenerate and to activate its cells. At his institute Eggetsberger
examined the healing effect low-voltage current fields have on the human organism, and he
developed new therapies out of his investigations. Already in 1973 the American Physician
Dr. Robert Becker had discovered in his animal tests that artificial weak current fields assisted
the body's self-healing capacities considerably. Eggetsberger later arrived at two fascinating

Free Download: http://www.eggetsberger.net/BUC/Power_fuer_den_ganzen_Tag-english_Power_for_Every_Hour_.pdf
(892 KB)

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